Crw2601 Felony Regulation 1

You’ll be amazed at the amount of money being pumped into the Trust Fund from the varied Corporate State Departmental Revenues (all income is known as taxes: fines, charges, licenses, etc.). There are hundreds of thousands and billions of your hard-earned nugatory federal reserve notes, dollars”, being held in belief.”This money is being siphoned off into the coffers of the Worldwide Bankers while the company authorities officers are hounding you for an increasing number of tax dollars.

Should you go into courtroom WITH a lawyer, your lawyer REPRESENTS (RE-PRESENTS) you to the court docket, NOT as a completely competent man, however relatively because the authorized fiction” (the particular person”) who is legally considered MENTALLY INCOMPETENT to defend his personal pursuits.constitutional law

Those acts had been: (1) making a fabric and knowlingly false assertion to State officials claiming 1996-ninety seven momentary help was not paid (perjury and fraud); (2) the theft and conversion of Mr. Johnson’s personal property; (three) making a material and knowingly false assertion regarding custody (perjury and fraud); (four) making a material and knowingly false statement concerning sources of monthly income (perjury and fraud); (5) making a false statement beneath oath concerning her employment standing in 2005 (perjury); and (6) making an attempt to blackmail Mr. Johnson for her signature on the Affidavit to Forgive Arrears.

In October 2010, Mr. Johnson made his first public remark to the Board of County Commissioners to complain about their failure to respond to his mailings and to express opposition to one other County contract with PSI and its legal providers contractor, Belveal, Eigel, Rumans & Fredrickson, LLC.constitutional law

4,5 For the reason that Federal Courts are courts of restricted jurisdiction, a plaintiff must always present in his grievance the grounds upon which that jurisdiction depends.” STEIN VS. BROTHERHOOD OF PAINTERS, DECORATORS, AND PAPER HANGERS OF AMERICA, DCCDJ (1950), eleven F.R.D. 153.constitutional law