Facts: Petitioner filed a complaint for libel against respondents. However, private respondent Cotiamco appealed to the NEA which on October 1, 1990 reversed the DECOM and declared private respondent duly elected director of LEYECO IV. The NEA found that, contrary to petitioner’s claim, private respondent Miguel Cotiamco was a bonafide member of the LEYECO IV.

The report of investigation (which contained a summary report of what transpired during the hearing of the case), the affidavit-complaint, and respondent’s answer thereto, as well as the memoranda of the parties were sufficient basis for the decision and resolution of the commission, and substantially and essentially constituted the records of the investigation” required in Section 15 of Rep.administrative law

3.Positions in the Career Executive Service; namely, Undersecretary, Assistant Secretary, Bureau Director, Assistant Bureau Director, Regional Director, Assistant Regional Director, Chief of Department Service and other officers of equivalent rank as may be identified by the Career Executive Service Board, all of whom are appointed by the President.administrative law

It sought to nullify and set aside in order of respondent Judge Pedro C. Navarro issuing a writ of preliminary injunction as prayed for by private respondents Juanito S. Flores and Asiatic Incorporated the importers of 1,350 cartons of fresh fruits, restraining petitioners from proceeding with the auction sale of such perishable goods.administrative law

On May 23, 1990, petitioner Elmer Espina filed with the LEYECO IV District Election Committee (DECOM) a petition to disqualify private respondent Miguel Cotiamco on the ground that respondent was not a bonafide member of the LEYECO IV. The DECOM endorsed the petition to the National Electrification Administration.