Your Rights as a Worker in Maryland

Employees are granted rights and protections so that they are not exploited by corporations or employers. It’s important to know your rights in Maryland so that an employer cannot take advantage of your ignorance.

Safety Rights

Laws and regulations exist to protect workers from unsafe working conditions like exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, unsafe noise levels or improper ventilation. They also stipulate that employers need to provide personal protective equipment and medical tests in certain conditions. Violations of these stipulations can be reported to Maryland Occupation Safety and Health (MOSH). These regulations also protect wages- certain overtime protections are in place and there is a minimum wage.

Whistleblower Protection

The act of whistle blowing is an important resource in the fight against corruption, waste and unsafe conditions in work places around the nation. However, as one person going up against a corporation, you may feel that you are in danger of facing retaliation at a scale that you cannot combat. There are many lawyers who uphold whistleblower protection baltimore md through a multitude of federal acts and regulations, like the False Claims Act in its various forms.


Employees may not be treated different based on their race, religion, sex, handicap or nationality. This applies to hiring, firing, pay rates, promotions and job assignments. These laws also prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. The state agency responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws on the job is the Maryland Commission on Human Relations, which works with the federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. The American Disability Act and the Mental Health Parity Act further protect those with physical or mental handicaps.

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to stand up for yourself as a worker. Knowledge is power, which is only increased by spreading the word to all the employees you can so you can act collectively.