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Category: Personal Injury

What Are the Three Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover injuries that occur while an employee is on the job or performing their duties. While there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as accidents caused by heavy machinery, acts of violence, and terrorism, most injuries that occur during a workday will be covered by workers’ compensation.

Temporary partial disability

If you’ve recently been injured at work, you may be eligible to receive Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) benefits. To qualify, you must miss three shifts from your job and have been unable to work for two weeks. If your employer offers light-duty work, you should accept it. If you cannot work during the waiting period, you will be reimbursed for the time you missed.

Workers’ compensation benefits for temporary partial disability vary depending on the part of the body affected and the degree of disability. These benefits are paid for a period of seven to 14 weeks. If your injury limits your earning capacity, you may qualify to receive a lump sum based on your previous wage differential.

Generally, the benefit amount for temporary partial disability is based on the average wage of a production worker in your state. This amount cannot exceed seventy-five percent of the average wage of a production worker. In some states, employers are required to offset the benefits against Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. To comprehend claims for temporary partial disability, consult with experts at The House of Workers Compensation.

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Top Fire Safety Tips for Your Construction Site

New York construction accident lawyers see dozens of tragic accidents take place each day in New York. One of the worst types of incidents we see in the city is fires at construction sites. There are so many reasons that fires happen, but there are ways in which business owners and employees can help to prevent these. Today, we’re going to share some of our top fire safety tips for construction sites. We hope these will stop an incident from happening, but if you do have an issue in the future, always reach out to our team of New York construction accident lawyers. We’ll be happy to help you with any claims and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve after a fire.

Assign a Fire Safety Manager in Your Team

Either the site manager or someone else in your team needs to take on the responsibility of fire safety. This needs to be assigned to someone who is very familiar with the industry and fire safety practices. Site managers often take on this role, but it could be another senior member of staff. Make sure they are familiar with building safety regulations so that they can walk around the building and review everything that’s going on. Ensure this is someone who will know how to train other staff members, so you can pass on best practices within your team. You’ll find that they will then become a leader for fire safety and work to prevent any issues from happening … Read More

Reasons To File for Disability

Most people dream of working at a fulfilling career until they’ve saved enough for retirement, but sometimes that dream is shattered due to injury or illness that keeps you from working for months or even years.

If you’re injured on the job, you can file for workers’ compensation by contacting workers’ compensation firms Iowa. If you’re injured elsewhere or contract a debilitating illness that keeps you off work for longer than your employer will allow, you may need to be declared disabled in a court of law and be compensated. Here are some reasons to file for disability.

Chronic and Debilitating Illness

If you contract cancer or an autoimmune disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus, you may not be able to work for years or you may be forced to retire early because of your illness. In such cases, you can qualify for disability payments.


If you suffered an injury either through a car accident or elsewhere and those injuries keep you out of work for several months or years, you can file for and receive disability if you can prove that your injuries are such that you cannot work.


Although it’s not considered by most to be a disability, a pregnancy can keep you off your feet and out of work for a period of time. You can apply for short-term disability so you can stay home with your newborn for a couple of months after the birth of your child.

Mental Disorders

A mental … Read More

10 Things To Do Before Suing Someone for Personal Injury

If you’re considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, it’s important to take the time beforehand to ensure you have all of your bases covered. In this guide, you’ll discover several important things you should do before filing a personal injury lawsuit.

1: Gather Documentation

If you’re thinking about suing a negligent company or person for a personal injury, you’ll need to collect all of the important documentation surrounding your injury. This includes any medical bills you might have, information about surgery and recovery costs, pictures of the accident scene and any permanent injuries, police reports from the incident, written accounts of friends, family members, or eyewitnesses, medical records for any witnesses involved in the accident, and more.

2: Determine Fault

While it’s possible to sue multiple parties when filing a personal injury lawsuit (for example, both the negligent driver who hit you and the company that manufactured your defective car part), it’s important to understand which party is the most liable for your injury. You should also take note of other potentially responsible parties, such as additional drivers or companies that were involved in the cause of your accident.

3: Have a Medical Evaluation

Once you’ve gathered all of your documentation and identified which party is likely responsible for your injury, it’s time to visit a qualified medical professional for a thorough medical evaluation. This will help you to understand the full extent of your injuries and establish which party is at fault for your injury.

4: Hire a Personal

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