3 Things You Need To Consider Before Divorce

3 Things You Need To Consider Before Divorce


Separating from a spouse, regardless of the length of the marriage, can get pretty messy. Since you’ve been living as one family unit, everything between you has been shared including bank accounts, assets, property and children. When things don’t go as planned and divorce looms, figuring out how to handle it and what needs to be done can be overwhelming. Consider these three things when contemplating divorce.

1. Splitting Up the Bank Accounts

If you have a joint account, you may want to figure out who gets what. A court will not necessarily divide accounts equally. They may do it according to the contribution each made to the marriage. That does not mean financial contribution exclusively. It includes raising children and taking care of the house. Therefore, even if you did not work outside the home, you may wind up with a more significant share. A divorce attorney altamonte springs fl may be able to help you figure out how to split the money.

2. Figuring Child Custody

One of the most hotly contested issues during a divorce is child custody and support. If you and your ex can come to a solution that puts the children’s needs first, the court may wind up signing off without much need for discussion. However, if you cannot agree, you may have to go before a judge to get the matter figured out.

3. Moving Out First

When separating, you both may refuse to leave the marital residence for more than one reason. You may believe that doing so gives up your stake to your fair share or you may be afraid you won’t see your kids. No matter, if you and your spouse can figure out who goes where it may help ease the tension that exists during the process.

Divorce can be stressful, but if you think about how you want things to turn out, and if you’re reasonable you can get through the process easier.