The Courts and The Bail System

Being taken in under arrest is a deeply upsetting experience no matter how you slice it. The reality of the justice system in the United States, however, is that no one can be legally arrested unless the police can present enough evidence to justify a suspect’s guilt. Once the police have sufficient evidence, they will find the suspect and bring them into custody in a police station, where they will be “booked” and the bail amount will be set. After this, the suspect will ask a trusted friend or family member to come up with the money needed to post bail so they can be freed from jail until a court hearing is set.

Getting Bail

The level of bail is determined by the court, and it varies according to the severity of the crime committed, as well as the odds of the suspect being a “flight risk.” Some suspects may not know anyone who can come up with the funds needed to post bail, but those funds can often be borrowed from a bail bondsman weld county co or other local areas. Once the funds are in hand, they will be paid to the court to secure the suspect’s release from jail. This process allows the suspect to remain free while their court case is prepared. Once the trial is finished, the bail money will be repaid and the borrower can then repay the bail bonds company, with interest.

One issue with the current bail system is that some suspects are unable to raise bail, and in that case, they must remain in jail for the duration, until their case is resolved. This situation obviously favors the wealthy who have no problem coming up with bail, but at least the existence of bail bond companies does provide one avenue for a suspect to gain release and have some freedom until their case is completed and they are sentenced.