An Uncontested Divorce is Easier on Everyone

Divorce is always a complicated and emotionally draining situation, especially when a lengthy, adversarial hearing is concerned. Spouses often end up saying and doing things that hurt one another and, while they may later regret those actions, the damage has already been done. The process ends up becoming an embittered battle over marital assets and parenting rights, which is why some divorcing couples opt for something a little less difficult.

In some cases, the couple may opt for an uncontested divorce Tampa . While this option may be preferable, it also demands that the couple be able to set aside their differences. This isn’t always possible, when the marriage has been through a great deal of turmoil. There may be deeply embedded feelings of betrayal keeping them from coming together peacefully.

If you and your spouse can come together in a civil manner and compromise on the issues that concern you, mediation may be better for you. While your lawyers will still be present, this situation is far less combative for the divorcing couple. It allows the couple to discuss the division of the marital assets together instead of leaving the decision up to a judge. While the attorneys are there to make sure the arrangements are fair to both parties, the spouses can essentially divide the assets how they choose. An advantage to this is that they can compromise, when an item holds sentimental value to one individual. The other party may agree to let them keep that in exchange for something else.

Child custody and support payments are discussed in much the same way. This helps them establish a new family dynamic, where they can still co-parent their children together. The couple may agree to share custody equally and support will be based on a fair examination of each party’s financial situation.

When the mediation is over, the court will review and approve the agreement. This is an easier and less expensive process than a divorce hearing, allowing the former couple to separate more amicably. When children are involved, an uncontested divorce helps minimize the stress and trauma caused by the change in the family situation.