Did you know that when you have an accident , Life Insurance can claim it

Did you know that when you have an accident , Life Insurance can claim it

The atmosphere of the Eid holiday is still felt. Posting holidays with family and personal vacations is also very busy on social media. Wise friends, be careful and pay attention to the condition of your vehicle, make sure everything is in proper condition. Do not let the holidays become an accident because we are negligent in driving. Wise friends discuss accidents, there is a broadcast from a friend who says not to throw away toll receipts, because when you have an accident on a toll road we cannot claim it to the related parties. In this article, Mauinsurance will explain, is it true that toll receipts are needed to be claimed and how is the procedure for submitting claims to Insurance Services. From personal experience when I had an accident that almost took my life, the claim processing to Insurance Services all went well, only at the beginning it was necessary to pay attention to what completeness was needed when submitting to Service Insurance, for a complete accident story, click here. At the end of the article we will explain what are the requirements for submitting claims to Service Insurance.

Service Insurance

Every Citizen Insurance Services has been covered by Insurance Services insurance. Insurance Services is a company that is responsible for managing traffic accident insurance for every road user. These road users have the definition of public transport passengers, private vehicles and pedestrians. From the above definition, during a traffic accident, we are entitled to claim compensation from Insurance Services. From my personal experience of having an accident in the Malang area, the claim management is going well, there are only a few items that must be prepared so that you don’t go back and forth when processing to Insurance Services, for the full story, click here
Who is entitled to receive compensation?

The victim who is entitled to compensation is every legal passenger of a public passenger transportation vehicle who experiences a personal accident, which is caused by the use of public transportation, while the passenger is in the transportation, namely when he goes up from the place of departure to the destination. For passengers of public motorized vehicles (buses) who are in the sinking of the ferry, then the bus passengers who become victims are given double compensation.

Meanwhile, for victims whose bodies are not found and / or missing, compensation is settled based on the District Court Decision.
Then according to Law  the victim who is entitled to compensation is any person outside road traffic transportation who is the victim of an accident from using road traffic transportation equipment as well as any person or those who are in a motorized vehicle and hit by a motor vehicle driver who causes the accident, including in this case the passengers of motorized vehicles and private motorbikes.

Who Is Not Eligible To Receive Compensation?

Not all accident victims are entitled to compensation from Insurance Services insurance. The rider who causes the accident is not entitled to this insurance. The second is the victim of an accident, whether a driver or a pedestrian breaking through the latch of the train.
Third, victims of deliberate accidents, such as suicide and / or attempted suicide and victims of accidents who are proven drunk.
Victims of a single personal vehicle accident are also not entitled to insurance coverage from Insurance Services. Accident victims who are proven to have committed a crime are not entitled to receive compensation from this government insurance. Other accident victims who are not entitled to compensation are victims of accidents due to natural disasters, speed competitions such as car or motorcycle races.