Understanding Community Associations

As a leader in your community association, you need to be concerned with the safety and comfort of your tenants. In fact many homeowners associations and community groups establish a set of principles or mission statement by which they approach their tenant responsibilities. This lets everyone know the expectations of the relationship.

Solid Legal Ground

Before you can establish your parameters of service and oversight, you should consult with the experienced lawyers Ashburn VA community associations recommend. Contracts will be involved with all tenants, and you want to be on solid legal footings for all decision-making. Although you would like all of your members to enjoy being a part of the community, you can’t please everyone. A mistake might encourage legal action to be taken against your group.

The Benefits of an HOA

If you are wanting to form a solid foundation for how to treat your residents, you have to remember why community associations are important.

  1. They demonstrate the value in home ownership. By being a part of the membership, the homeowners and residents of the community have a direct voice in what goes on in the neighborhood. It forms a relationship among neighbors demonstrating pride and ownership of the community.
  2. They increase access to limited resources. It can be hard for individual families to afford some of the luxuries and resources that often accompany a community association membership. Allocating expenses over many participants keeps the cost down while still offering the extras.
  3. They limit public expenses for common features. Contractors are usually responsible for adding roads, landscaping, lighting, and other features that can be quite costly. In an open property setting, the public usually pays for these items through increased taxes and municipal spending. A community association gives the public a break and often requires the developer to pick up the tab.

There are many reasons why community associations and home ownership groups help develop stronger neighborhoods. There is a combined interest in sparking community among residents, but it is also important to understand the financial impact these associations have on the town.